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 Oz Whistles

Systems at Oz Whistles move to recovery.

A Major system crash early this year required a total re-build of my home computer, my website, and the entire infrastructure of our operation.

We are still encountering glitches and we ask for patience as we work through this.

15th April 2020 - making as we can

Even before Covid, we have been struggling to save the tradition between my declining life and my son's ascendency.

Over the last year year or so, we have been withdrawing from pre-pay and deposit discount offers.

For now, the only sale of an Ozwhistles product will be done direct from the webstite. THis allows us to experiment with new woods and techniques.

The regular orders include gidgee and delrin only. Metals are now only silver and bronze.

You may place orders, and you may request custom builds. But no deposit or pre-pay can be done.

Some have deposits and prepays in past orders.

These orders are done as priority on a one-for-one build schedule alongside new "wild" offerings.

The wild offerings are necessary in order to maintain contact with the tradition that underpins our work.

There has been a hiatus of builds of the Vambrave and Visor models over the last 4-6 months.

We apologise for that. Hoqever, this hiatus and re-allignment was necesary for us to configure for the coming years

We had our intentions for new keys and greater production.

However, the world moves. And tradition must build and take life into the world as it moves.

Things are stupidly slow.

But not stopped. The craft demands no less.

I appreciate your support in that.

29th June 2019 - The ever-shrinking window

Whistles are a very strange and curious thing.

In the 12 years I have followed them as a way of life, they have been a non-stop university of the reality we live in.

Small things are the sensitive precursor to that which is upon us.

The canary in the coal mine.

In January, I calculated the costs in each whistle I make and found they were up 10%. I held-off till March to reflect those costs in my prices.

The cost analysis shows a further 10% in just the last 6 months.

I am passing-on only half of that in my prices for now, and will look at my costs again in a few months time.

27th February 2017 - The present

The world is changing.

I think it is a good thing.

Change is what we feel in our faces and makes us alive.

Without it, there would be no new music.

Keep feeling it.

Keep playing it.

28th June 2016 - This world


The world is always changing

Things come and go

But the music is always with us.

The un-broken chain of culture.

Play on!





1st December 2015 - News page function tested!

Newspage tested!

Using this new function, Oz Whistles can once again join the dubious ranks of jouranistic informers, misconstruers, propagandists, spin-doctors and proselytisers!

Stand by for more rants, observations and anouncements as seen through a short tube with holes in it!