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Latest News at Oz Whistles:

27th February 2017 - The present

The world is changing.

I think it is a good thing.

Change is what we feel in our faces and makes us alive.

Without it, there would be no new music.

Keep feeling it.

Keep playing it.

28th June 2016 - This world


The world is always changing

Things come and go

But the music is always with us.

The un-broken chain of culture.

Play on!





1st December 2015 - News page function tested!

Newspage tested!

Using this new function, Oz Whistles can once again join the dubious ranks of jouranistic informers, misconstruers, propagandists, spin-doctors and proselytisers!

Stand by for more rants, observations and anouncements as seen through a short tube with holes in it!

18th April 2015 - Back to Tradition

I'll be wandering about St Albans Folk fest 24-25th April with a bag of whistles to sell if anyone can find me and wants a whistle. I like to think my whistles are good, but the truth is that a whistle is less than half the story. It is the player who makes it. And Players are even more individual than the whistles. I've been doing the internet commerce thing for a while now .. and evolved to try to keep honest with it all. It is a bit hard to do that. If you look at the "about us" page, you will see the story of how I got engaged with this .. the events have been too fast to record .. and it all gets kinda too dark to describe. Specially when there is so much light that the dark becomes a little irelevant. To make it simple - our expectations were not authored by us - we inherited them and took them for granted. But there's another little seed in tradition, if you can find it - it is a seed of lightness - and that little seed keeps us turned to the light. And that seed is at the root of our music. When you pick up a whistle, it is that little seed of light that makes you do so. even if it got sown in you by a crass Holliwood movie .. it calls beyond the crassness .. and that is the whole power ot tradition!. I'll be at St Albans watching that light - St Albans is the longest running folk festival in Australia .. that has to count for something! Hope to see you there!

St Alban's Folk Festival

20th February 2015 - New Directions

After various moves of home and workshop around the Blue Mountains, Oz Whistles has moved to the Central Coast! The new workshop is up and running with a whole bunch of off-book whistles to present at the National Folk Festival in Canberra over Easter 2015.