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 Oz Whistles


 Here is the OzWhistles FAQ page. Some of the Questions are asked frequently, some not. They represent a lot of the questions I have asked along the way. Many of the answers were found in Chiff and Fipple, and I heartily recommend logging-on and joining-up. C&F, however all-powerful, is akin to a parallel universe - the answers are rarely clustered together and it can take time to get the desired result. So here I have rounded up as much as I can in the one place.

I will add to this list as I find more questions and the answers to them. I will also include questions that Oz Whistles customers ask me. Like everything in Oz Whistles, it's growing all the time. I hope it is of some help, or at the very least, a bit of entertainment along the way.

I am happy to revise any of the answers if they can be shown to be inaccurate - please drop me a note if you disagree with anything or would like a question answered.

Best regards


What is a whistle?

What is a pennywhistle?

What is a tin whistle?

What is an Irish whistle?

What's the difference between a Whistle and a Recorder?

What's a Flageolet?

Why are whistles so cheap?

What is a "Low Whistle"?

What keys can whistles be in?

What is the best whistle for a beginner like me?

What is "Piper's Grip"?

What is "tuneable" and "fixed"?

What is "in-tune" anyway?

What is "breath control"?

Is it important to have the Left hand on top?

What is a good tutorial for the Whistle?

Is it important to learn to read music notation?

Is it important to learn "by ear"?

Is it important to get lessons on the whistle?

Can whistles have Keys like a flute?

What are "Taps, Cuts, Strikes, Rolls, Crans and Slides"?

What's the difference between Cylindrical and Conical whistle bores?

What are Cheap, Mid-range and Expensive whistles?

What is the difference between hand-made and mass-produced whistles?

What is "tweaked"?

What's the big deal about Irish Traditional Music?

Why is the tin whistle so addictive?

What's all this stuff about finding a "Magic Generation Whistle"?

What should I do to prevent my expensive wooden whistle from cracking?

How do I stop my whistle from clogging?

How should I care for my tuning slide to keep it working at its best?

How is Feadóg pronounced?

Why is there a stick on the Oz Whistles website?

What are the rules of RatBall?